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2023, 7. Okt.

◉ Privatclub, Berlin

The Other Side Review ● 2023-01-17
“A hint toward Franz Ferdinand exists in the track, particularly as the song opens; however, the obscurity of the vocals and arrangement takes listeners on a completely original journey. I will admit, the soundscape is disconcerting or disorientating with its absurdity, but a smoothness lies deep beneath the madness that is truly enjoyable.”
Tonspion ● 2023-01-28
“Mit verrückt zwinkerndem Blick auf die Neue Deutsche Welle, nimmt Deltawelle eine „Normalitätsvermessung“ in seinem coolen Track vor: Zwischen New Wave und Indiepop geht der Song des Berliners ziemlich ins Ohr und schillert irgendwo zwischen Edwin Rosen, Hubert Kah und Bilderbuch.”
It's All Indie ● 2023-01-13
Instrumentally it’s fantastic to hear a German band not going down the dark or electro route, and what they’ve got here is something that reminds me a lot of Franz Ferdinand angular guitars and urgency mixed with Metronomy’s synth tones. ● 2023-01-20
“The song’s arrangements are very accurate and the atmospheres they manage to create oscillate between the euphoria of an improvised journey and a subtle and persistent feeling of anxiety. The hypnotic sounds of this piece are linked to the lively singing of the track which is also torn between different emotional states.”


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